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November 06, 2006



ah, the joys of bad dancing... we went there with the siddeleys, and bob and had a rare old time.
a different kitchen was briefly our very own london dance spot. i put stuff on at portlands (the cool trout basement) and played records for dancing after the bands but pretty much everyone used to sod off. i think gig goers and tail feather shakers are often futher apart than you'd think...

Stephen Drennan

I was wondering what had become of Gordon ! Hadn't heard of him in well over a decade.

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Jason Weaver

Sheesh, was just talking about The Soundcarriers with a friend (http://www.myspace.com/thesoundcarriers) and it made me think of Sunshine Playroom. Google led me to you and your scrapbook of gig tickets. So weird to think of someone in EXACTLY the same circles who I probably never even spoke to. Did you run The Apple Orchard?

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Hope you people had a great time. Nice to read that. Nice sharing. keep posting.

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