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March 02, 2004


Jamie Cason

Nice spot Jem, thank you for bringing this to my attention.


david lee

Hi I was the researcher at Demos on this publication ... and the ideas on the open source bbc which barry included were referenced to me in the publication. my view on it was rather more idealistic than barry's who had a more sceptical take. nonetheless it was great that he engaged with these notions. i have only just seen this post... obviously rather late. in my view the bbc make its archive available - although i think it is going to happen by stealth with gradually more and more content being made available online. it is interesting to think that what might actually eventually transform the archaic copyright laws which seem so redundant for thr digital age might be the chip chip chipping away of people's perceptions on this matter by the largest public service broadcaster in the world. we'll see.

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